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Friendica codebase restructure

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Based on the PRโ€ฆ

@Hypolite Petovan is right, I should have started this conversation first, but it made fun to restructure our code, so it is what it is *gg*

What's the issue/my pain:

I'm thinking about introducing the PSR-7 Request/Response interfaces and create an Emitter, so there's no way out anymore directly inside the code, everything is done by the emitter. With this pattern, we could add all the authentication stuff inside a "Middleware" and get rid of the different auth-places (App, Security\Authentication, Module\BaseApi)

So, now I tried to think where to start. We would need a Middleware directory for all the auth/base-load things, but we already do have a mix of domain-based directories (TowFactorAuth), functionallity based directories (Model/Object/Factory/Collection/Capabilities) and and core directories (Core, App, Console, Worker)...

And I try to start to "really" encapsulate the domain-based directories inside Friendica\Library, so we get rid of some mixings, having all domain based classes inside one directory.

In the end, I think we should have some core directories at src, directing everyone to the right place.

I hope I didn't loose you at least, I just wrote down my path to this PR :)

PS: there're "just" ~200 code changes, the rest is because of the messages.po recreation don't worry :)

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So do you agree with the restructuring or shall I postpone it after mod/ is restructured? I think first, but I'm not sure :-D