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Friendica Woodpecker / CI in GitHub bricked

!Friendica Developers

I'm sorry, I bricked the CI with the latest Woodpecker change.. Now instead that we don't create Archives at all nodes, we now don't execute some pipelines at all and they are "stuck forever" and blocking new executions.

I'm not sure if I can fix it today, so here's the announcement :-/

I will kick the pipelines from time to time to make PR checks possible, but the "merge" pipelines aren't working (so no new archive appears currently..)

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I think I got it! :)

It was a mix of wrong environment variable setup for $WOODPECKER_LABELS (added additional " for the value, which got escaped and added to the value) and using the `label` filter in Woodpecker, not knowing that this feature is only in the nightly builds yet

--> as far as I can see, all Archives are now deployed at as expected :)