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Questions about /display/

!Friendica Developers

@Michael Vogel - I'm currently moving the mod/display.php

As far as I can see, there are two main-routes for this controller:

  • /display/{guid}
  • /display/feed-item/{uri-id}.atom[/conversation.atom]

and as far as I can say, it would be better if the second route should have an own root, like `dfrn_item/{uri-id}[/conversation.atom`, as it's a DFRN only logic.
Am I right so far?

If so, can I move it to this new path or is this path necessary for the federation usage, means it could be called from other servers too?
I just found calls with prefix DI::baseUrl(), so I guess it's "just" for the server itself, but I'm not sure ...
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@Michael Vogel / @Hypolite Petovan

I still struggle at mod/update_display.php
It's the only place, where the display_content from mod/display.php is called with the parameter $update = true.

But I don't find any place inside Friendica, where we call /update_display?p=<profile_uid>.

Do you know if this is till in use and if so, what's the meaning of it?
If we wouldn't use it anymore, there's a lot of code at mod/display.php, which I could delete in that case..
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