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Large database

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Hi everyone,

last week, I struggled with the size of my database for .. It went full (80GB) .. I added additional 10GB to the volume, but it seems to constantly increase and I think in a few weeks, I will be at the same situation like the last week.

Is there a possibility to shrink the database, or to wipe old data?
I recently deleted about 1.200 spam accounts (and set the register option to approval first ... lessons learned...). Are there leftovers inside the db which I can delete?

It's not that I don't have enough space, but I'm afraid of my backup borg-backup space in the near future ^^

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nope, there're no active relays "Das System hat derzeit keinerlei Relays abonniert."

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Disable the avatar cache in the admin settings. The avatar cache is most likely the biggest table in your database. Also enable a maximum lifetime for posts (See the performance section in the admin settings) with now around 5.000 users has da database size of around 100 GB.
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