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Update JSON LD

!Friendica Developers

@Hypolite Petovan already fixed a current JSON-LD issue with

Do we need a 1.1.2 release to upgrade it in the Friendica composer.lock file as well?

The logs of my instances are flooded with this error, that's why I'm asking *g*
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I create a release and a corresponding PR at Friendica itself :)

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BaseURL components (hostname, SSL policy, urlpath)

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I'm currently reducing the whole BaseUrl.php code massively.
Do we really need the ssl_policy, urlpath and hostname separate from the system.url?

I will use for the BaseUrl.php, based on the system.url a "real" UriInterface as $this->url, so we don't need saving the scheme, urlpath and hostname separately anymore. They are just useful for the install process but must not be changed afterwards.

The only thing, which I'm unsure is the ssl_policy, because if someone changes it afterwards in the admin site, all URL in all contacts and photos will get updated. But the question is => is this even allowed? I think this could brick the access over federation because the base-url of each entry isn't right anymore. And it isn't supported when the policy is changed by console.

So I would drop it as well and merge all config entries into the system.url.

Additionally, I will replace the Exception with a "CRITICAL" log entry to avoid a WSOD.
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@Philipp Holzer For a local installation, like https://friendica.local you definitely need to ignore SSL/certificate errors because they are mostly only self-signed.
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I know and I'm using local Vagrant with https and there is no check at all in the code that would fail here. It works fine :-)