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Locks with hostname

!Friendica Developers
Calling @Hypolite Petovan and @Michael Vogel for support at

I do want to alter the way how locks are working to make parallel hosts/nodes possible. I think the logic itself is pretty straight forward and final.

BUT - how can I upgrade the lock table without using it during the update process itself, it's a gordon knot :-/
I think about using a new method at DBStructure: and execute it before using the lock.

Do you think it works? At least my local nodes are working, but I'm totally unsure about it yet ..

I'd like to finish this PR for 2021.12 as another preparation for making Friendica "cluster ready" :D
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Why aren't you call this by the update.php in a preupdate function?
The preupdate routine is called during the overall update process before the dbstructure update but after the lock "dbupdate" is acquired.
Any idea @Michael Vogel ? :) I'm really stuck here and it's one major piece in the puzzle to make Friendica cluster-ready ;-)
You could use the preupdate functionality and check for the lock and remove it.
@Michael Vogel @Hypolite Petovan @Friendica Developers but wouldn't that possibly create a race condition, because a 2nd worker would start another update and wouldn't find the lock anymore so update it again?
You could add a functionality to disallow all locks.