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Slow /photo/preview performance

!Friendica Admins

Hi all,

Because of the ongoing performance issues, I moved my whole Friendica database of and to a dedicated root-server just for mariadb with 128GB RAM.

At first, it seemed like it helped and is faster than before (the performance of is still a mess, but I will analyze it later), but the /photo/preview route is now going crazy:

It seems like the RAM I/O issue I had (which is now gone) is now replaced by an Network throughput issue - but at least the network I/O seems fine:

Do you have any idea what I can do now?

One thing would be to add a "StorageClass" for the Photo to load them (directly) from a filedirectory/block storage instead of the database.

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in reply to Philipp Holzer

@Philipp Holzer .. I see Fatal Error (E_ERROR): gd-webp cannot allocate temporary buffer all the time.. could this be related to the "/photo/preview route" ?
in reply to Philipp Holzer

@Philipp Holzer in admin/logs/view and there it says: /var/www/localhost/friendica/src/Object/Image.php line 171
in reply to Philipp Holzer

AFAIK this is used to create previews of remote pictures. So the time is most likely is used by fetching the remote content.
in reply to Michael Vogel

this would be wonderful, because it won't be a problem I could solve *gg*

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in reply to Philipp Holzer

@Philipp Holzer Have you checked your /tmp folder? Here on my server it ran full with magick-XXXXX files.
in reply to Roland Häder

Thanks for the hint
But there are just two zero-byte magick files at /tmp :)

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