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New Github/Gitea Label

!Friendica Developers
I'd like to introduce `Refactoring` as a new label. I feel like we should distinguish between "real" enhancements and "just" refactorings. What do you say?

Friendica Developers reshared this.

I feel like most current issue labels are meaningless beyond the Bug label we use to prioritize issues during the RC period.

So it wouldn’t do any harm to add another one, but it won’t help with any existing workflow either.
We never had any regression issue during refactoring tasks. 🤥
@Philipp Holzer Refacturing tasks are not fixing (maybe they even break some old stuff, AKA regressions) any code nor they add any new functionality. Therefore they can be seen as neither a bug (as nothing is fixed, just heavily rewritten and/or cleaned up) nor a new feature (as nothing new is added).